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Looking for a refreshing and delicious cocktail to enjoy this summer? Look no further than the Cape Cod Crush! This delightful drink combines the tartness of cranberry juice with the sweetness of vodka and a splash of citrus. It's the perfect beverage to enjoy on a hot day or to serve at your next gathering. To make a Cape Cod Crush, start by filling a glass with ice. Add two ounces of vodka to the glass, followed by four ounces of cranberry juice. Squeeze in the juice of half a lime and give it a good stir. If you prefer your drink on the sweeter side, feel free to add a splash of simple syrup or grenadine. Once your ingredients are mixed together, garnish your Cape Cod Crush with a lime wedge or a few cranberries. Not only does this add a pop of color to your drink, but it also enhances the overall flavor. The Cape Cod Crush is incredibly easy to make and can be customized to your own taste preferences. If you like your cocktails on the stronger side, add an extra shot of vodka. If you prefer a more tart flavor, squeeze in a little extra lime juice. You can even experiment with different types of cranberry juice, such as white cranberry or cranberry raspberry blend, to add a unique twist to your drink. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting a backyard barbecue, the Cape Cod Crush is sure to be a hit. Its vibrant color and refreshing taste make it a crowd-pleaser that everyone will enjoy. So grab your ingredients and get ready to sip on this delicious cocktail all summer long!

Best served in a Mason Jar.