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Absinthe Minded Martini

Step into the world of the mysterious and alluring with the Absinthe Minded Martini. This unique cocktail combines the flavors of absinthe, gin, and vermouth to create a drink that is both bold and sophisticated. Whether you're a seasoned absinthe drinker or a newbie to the green fairy, this martini is sure to leave an impression.


1. Fill a mixing glass with ice.

2. Add 1 1/2 ounces of absinthe, 1 1/2 ounces of gin, and 1/2 ounce of vermouth to the mixing glass.

3. Stir the mixture well until it is chilled.

4. Strain the cocktail into a chilled martini glass.

5. Garnish with a lemon twist or an absinthe-soaked cherry, if desired.

6. Enjoy!

Best served in a Cocktail Glass.