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The Martini is a classic cocktail that is known for its elegance and sophistication. It is a drink that is often associated with celebrations and special occasions. Made with gin and vermouth, the Martini has a clean and crisp flavor that is enjoyed by many.

To make a Martini, you will need a cocktail shaker, ice cubes, gin, and dry vermouth. Fill the cocktail shaker with ice cubes and add 2 ounces (60 ml) of gin and 1/2 ounce (15 ml) of dry vermouth. Shake the cocktail shaker vigorously for about 15 seconds to chill the ingredients and mix them together.

Once the Martini is well mixed and chilled, strain it into a chilled Martini glass. To garnish the Martini, you can add a green olive or a lemon twist. The choice of garnish is up to your personal preference. Serve the Martini immediately and enjoy its refreshing taste.

The Martini is a timeless cocktail that has a strong presence in cocktail culture. It is a drink that is often associated with elegance and sophistication. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or simply want to treat yourself to a delicious drink, the Martini is a classic choice that never disappoints.

Best served in a Beer Mug.

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