Dirty Bong Water

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Dirty Bong Water is a unique cocktail that combines the flavors of vodka, rum, melon liqueur, pineapple juice, and blue curacao. This vibrant blue-green drink gets its name from its striking appearance, which mimics the murky color of dirty bong water

To make Dirty Bong Water, start by filling a cocktail shaker with ice. Add 1 part vodka, 1 part rum, 1 part melon liqueur, 2 parts pineapple juice, and a splash of blue curacao. Shake the mixture vigorously for about 20 seconds to combine the flavors and chill the drink.

Once the cocktail is well-mixed, strain it into a glass filled with fresh ice. The vibrant blue-green color of the cocktail will immediately catch your eye. Garnish the drink with a slice of fresh pineapple or a maraschino cherry for added visual appeal.

Dirty Bong Water is a great choice for parties or gatherings, as its unique appearance is sure to spark conversations and intrigue guests. Despite its name, this cocktail is actually quite refreshing and offers a tropical twist on traditional mixed drinks.

Sit back, take a sip, and enjoy this intriguing and delicious Dirty Bong Water cocktail. Cheers!

Best served in a Highball Glass.