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Habana Libre Cocktail Recipe: A Taste of Cuba

The Habana Libre cocktail is a popular Cuban drink that combines the vibrant flavors of rum, lime, and cola. This refreshing drink is perfect for those hot summer days when you want to transport yourself to the sunny beaches of Havana.

To make a delicious Habana Libre cocktail, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Fill a glass with ice cubes.
  2. Squeeze the juice of half a lime into the glass.
  3. Add 2 ounces of rum to the glass.
  4. Top off the glass with cola.
  5. Gently stir the mixture to combine the flavors.
  6. Garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy!

The Habana Libre cocktail is best served in a highball glass, which allows you to enjoy the vibrant colors of the drink. The combination of rum, lime, and cola creates a balanced and refreshing beverage that is sure to please your taste buds.

Whether you're hosting a tropical-themed party or simply want to unwind after a long day, the Habana Libre cocktail is the perfect choice. Its tropical flavors and refreshing taste will transport you to the sunny shores of Cuba in every sip.

So grab your favorite highball glass, gather the ingredients, and start making your own Habana Libre cocktail today. Cheers!

Best served in a Collins Glass.