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The Honolulu Juicer is a refreshing and fruity cocktail that is perfect for summer parties or just a relaxing evening at home. This tropical drink combines the flavors of pineapple, orange, and coconut to create a delicious and tropical taste that will transport you to a beachside paradise.

To make a Honolulu Juicer, start by filling a shaker with ice cubes. Add 2 ounces of pineapple juice, 1 ounce of orange juice, and 1 ounce of coconut syrup into the shaker. Shake the mixture well until it is chilled and combined.

Next, strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass. If you prefer a sweeter drink, you can add a splash of grenadine syrup to the glass before straining. Finally, garnish your Honolulu Juicer with a pineapple wedge or a cherry for an extra tropical touch.

Sip on your Honolulu Juicer and let the flavors transport you to the beautiful beaches of Hawaii. Enjoy this tropical cocktail with friends or simply unwind and relax with it on your own. The Honolulu Juicer is the perfect drink to bring a bit of tropical paradise into your life.

Best served in a Highball Glass.