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The Malibu Punch is a delicious tropical cocktail that is perfect for summer parties and gatherings. Made with the popular coconut rum, Malibu, this drink is refreshing, fruity, and slightly sweet. It is the perfect combination of flavors to transport you to a sunny beach!

To make a Malibu Punch, you will need a few simple ingredients and a little bit of time. First, gather your ingredients: Malibu rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, lemon juice, and grenadine syrup.

Start by filling a cocktail shaker halfway with ice. Add 2 ounces of Malibu rum, 1 ounce of pineapple juice, 1 ounce of orange juice, 1 ounce of cranberry juice, 1/2 ounce of lemon juice, and a splash of grenadine syrup. Shake the cocktail shaker vigorously for about 30 seconds to combine all of the ingredients and chill the drink.

Next, strain the mixture into a glass filled with ice. If you prefer your drink to be sweeter, you can add a little more grenadine syrup. Garnish your Malibu Punch with a pineapple slice or a cherry, and enjoy!

The Malibu Punch is a versatile cocktail that can be easily customized to suit your taste. You can add more or less of any of the ingredients to create a drink that is perfect for you. Whether you're lounging by the pool or hosting a backyard barbecue, the Malibu Punch is sure to be a hit!

Best served in a Collins Glass.